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By combining the knowledge of experienced environemental professionals
to a team of established IT experts, TraceNet provides to leading players of the public and private industry, innovative technological solutions enabling sustainable development.
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Smart and reliable project management
TraceNet is a scalable project management platform for the secure transport and/or proper disposal of material.
  • Environmental, social and economic risk management

  • Automation and optimization of project management process

  • Interconnected platform allowing real-time updates and interaction among stakeholders

  • 24/7 online report accessibility



TraceNet complies with the requirements of the MELCC ClimatSol-Plus program on the traceability of contaminated soil.

The normative frameworks of the ClimatSol-Plus program integrate the need to use a traceability system for the movement of contaminated soil.

ClimatSol-Plus aims more particularly to revitalize existing urban environments through the use of best land-use planning practices.

Through government financial assistance, the ClimatSol-Plus program aims to give a second life to contaminated land.


Major Projects

Vitrine technologique
Ville de Québec

This project has allowed us to test the application on two settings involving the excavation of contaminated soil, one being a street rebuilding project and the other a rehabilitation project for a contaminated site.


Following this successful pilot project, The Québec City administration
has implemented the usage
of real-time soil traceability
within all their project in 2019.


This particular project has allowed us to track the entire transfer process
of contaminated soil originating from
a Nunavik site in northern Québec toward a treatment facility
in the Montreal area.

Outremont Station
and Technopôle Angus

These two pilots projects have allowed to demonstrate the performance and efficiency of TraceNet on large scale projects.

The work has been carried out
under the supervision of the
city of Montreal and MELCC.

Royalmount, a first for a private project

The biggest real estate construction project in Montreal needed an exemplary control on the transport of materials leaving the site. TraceNet allows them not only to track each truck by GPS to make sure they are all reaching their destination, but also to compile transport data in real time for efficient management of a large-scale project.

Sanexen and Avatek Immobilier

TraceNet technology was used as part of a pilot project for the traceability of construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) residues in Mascouche to ensure real-time tracking by GPS of more than 50,000 tonnes of residual materials.


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