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Advanced project management

Access to real-time data enables project managers to take data driven decisions at any time, anywhere


TraceNet is a project management tool designed in partnership with the environmental and commercial industry to optimize project management and materials transportation. The application allows contactless and paperless identification, material transport management with real-time GPS geolocation from the emiting to the receiving site and powerful reports and monitoring tools to ensure an optimal and compliant transport on all your projects.

Digitize your project management with TraceNet


TraceNet integrates with industry management processes and digitizes transportation data in real time to allow stakeholders to make accurate decisions based on reliable and up-to-date data.

  • Optimization of transport and sites management

  • Transport manifest reports

  • Mobile app

  • Easy integration with
    your daily processes

  • Data export to .xlsx and .csv

  • Certification


Take control of your environment

TraceNet allows stakeholders to establish beyond any doubt that their project respects eco-responsible practices while enhancing their business processes

Protect your company's reputation

  • Easily supervise all stages
    of your operations.

  • Systematically monitor the progresss
    of all you project in real time.

  • Ensure all stakeholders
    fulfill their obligations.

  • Certify that the materials reach
    the intended destination.

Autres matieres

Other materials

The flexibility of TraceNet allows quick adaptation for managing and tracking a multitude of materials under a single technological platform

  • Liquids

  • Sludge

  • Quadrex

  • Construction materials

  • Truck inventory

  • Compost

  • Recyclable materials

  • Residual hazardous materials

  • And more!

Contact us for your custom needs or a pilot project!

Outil de gestion

A Scalable Management Tool


Harness the full power of your data and make quick and data driven decisions
with TraceNet.

  • Interconnected platform allowing stakeholders to interact in real-time in one place.

  • Automated reports and data compilation.

  • Project Data accessible 24/7.

  • Security layers; selective data access based on user type.

  • Customizable dashboards.

  • Manifest management.

  • Possibility of developing tailor-made add-ons.

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