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A cloud-based project management platform to track excess soils for the upcoming O. Reg. 406/19

In January 1, 2021 MECP will move on with the first phase of the new regulation O. Reg. 406/19, titled “On-Site and Excess Soil Management”. This regulation is a key step to support proper management of excess soils, ensuring that valuable resources are not considered as waste and to provide clear rules on managing and reusing excess soil.

The upcoming regulation will likely disrupt project management. Increasing number of stakeholders, tighter deadlines, fraud risks, COVID and ever larger projects are some of the reasons project managers and contractors will face logistical challenges. Optimal project management is therefore essential to ensure the success of projects in terms of operations, deadlines and financial management. Carrying out these projects involves several stakeholders and generates a lot of information related to the management of different materials such excavated soils and waste that must be hauled during field work.

Traditional use of documents in paper format constitutes a constraint in the efficiency related to information management and traceability processes such as incomplete documents, loss of forms, falsification of information, delays, transcription issues, data entry errors, etc. Furthermore, delayed or incomplete information sharing between several stakeholders also represents a risk in the chain of transmission and possible loss of revenue

Improve your project management and track excess soils

TraceNet is a cloud-based platform allowing stakeholders to connect to their projects in real-time to optimize management and track excess soils in compliance with O. Reg. 406/19.

Available 24/7 on the web and with the mobile app, you can access, update and share data with the different project stakeholders also connected to the platform. Exporting data in a structured format is also available to generate custom reports and analytics.

The Android and iOS version also allow field technicians to fill transport e-manifests in an instant with the prefilling feature. Moreover, with the included mobile app for drivers, excavated soils and waste can also be followed via GPS (optional) from the source site to their final destinations with live access for the stakeholders as well as the full GPS route when the transport is completed. Project data can then be exported in a structured format to generate custom reports, analytics and O. Reg. 406/19 compliance documents.

Show your environmental sustainability commitment

Beyond management optimization, TraceNet technology can help organizations demonstrating their commitment to support environmental sustainability and complying with regulations like O. Reg. 406/19.

Ready to lead the market ?

Innovation through digital transformation is a key element to be a differentiator in the market.

Contact us to schedule a quick demo and discover how TraceNet will transform your project management experience for you and your clients.


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