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Illegal dumping of contaminated soil and waste : How to protect your organization?

The illegal dumping of contaminated soil and waste is still active in the in Quebec environmental market and elsewhere in the world. A recent coverage by Radio-Canada shows once again that this illicit activity is still omnipresent in our society and very profitable for some individuals and organizations. This coverage highlights that truck transport represents the weak point of the contaminated soil management process. The lack of tracking of trucks prevents intervention before the damage to the environment is done. Click on the image to read the article (french only).


In its mid-year 2019 report on the management of contaminated soil, the Inspector General of the City of Montreal also confirmed that contaminated soil transportation is the stage of a project where illegal dumping on unauthorized sites increases considerably if tracking of trucks is unavailable. Click on the image to read the report.


TraceNet is the only technology that allows project stakeholders to connect with an internet to login to its web and mobile app (IOS and Android) and follow with live tracking truck movements by GPS directly from their mobile phone or their computer. Access to geolocation of trucks by GPS allows project stakeholders to act quickly in the event of a suspicious behavior during transportation of contaminated soils and waste between source and receiving sites.


TraceNet fully meets technical requirements of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC), which requires real-time GPS tracking of trucks (Bonnes pratiques en matière de traçabilité des sols contaminés excavés, Août 2018). Click on the image to read the guidelines (french only).


Know beyond any doubt that you are doing eco-responsible management of contaminated soils and waste.

Use TraceNet for all your projects.

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