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Monitoring excess soils and waste movements in real-time

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Environmental remediation and construction projects involve stakeholder coordination and optimal transport management. The use of paper manifests causes major limitations and efficiency constraints in managing transportation of excess soils and waste such as: manual data entry, incomplete documents, loss of forms, falsification, long access time to data, entry errors, data standardization issues and more.

Real-time tracking with TraceNet

TraceNet is much more than a simple manifest generator. Beyond connecting all stakeholders on the same digital platform, the GPS tracking module is optional at no extra cost and allows stakeholders real-time access to all transports on their project. By simply having drivers install the mobile app from the app store (iOS or Android), any truck is now traceable without any expensive equipment or installation.

The transport generated data brings new insights for stakeholders' project management optimization: time to destination, traffic data, delays, wrong destinations, etc.

Moreover, you can give a read-only access to your client for both transparency and data sharing purposes. Even the receiving sites have access to the transport data so they can prepare at the scale before the trucks show up.

All data saved in the electronic manifests can be accessed at any time during or after the project, allowing even greater accountability, oversight and control on your projects. Furthermore, data can be extracted in structured format for data analytics.

Ready to lead the market ?

The live tracking module is only part of the complete project management solution offered by TraceNet. Contact us for a quick demo to discover how TraceNet will transform your projects for your organization and your clients.


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