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Protect field technicians and truck drivers against COVID-19 with TraceNet

According to health authorities, transmission of COVID-19 to workers can occur through contact with infected surfaces.Handling documents in paper format therefore proves to be a risk of contamination to which workers are exposed on construction sites.


Available in a mobile version (IOS and Android), TraceNet application allows field technicians to create and transmit electronic transport manifests to truck drivers without any manipulation of paper documents or labels.


TraceNet allows you to connect all stakeholders to optimize the management of soil and residual material excavation projects, access project data at all times and follow the movement of trucks in real time by GPS.


TraceNet mobile app allows field technicians and truck drivers to interact safely while respecting physical distancing. TraceNet is easily integrated into COVID-19 health and safety procedures to comply with health regulations to protect workers.


Contact us to kickstart your first TraceNet project!


Toll free: 1.833.922.0999


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