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  • Jean-Sebastien Rolland

TraceNet - A tried and true solution to counter illegal waste disposal

The recent publication of the newspaper article in La Presse entitled "Enfouissement illégal à Rivière-des-Prairies: Montréal autorisé à fouiller" shows once more that the illegal dumping of contaminated soil and waste is still a widespread issue with long lasting impacts. Land owners and citizens alike are therefore exposed to environmental, social and financial risks.


TraceNet has been built from the ground up as an effective technological solution to stop illegal dumping in it's track. By generating and using the data you need to assure the integrity of environmental rehabilitation, TraceNet allows project managers and land owners to keep track of this costly operation and assure the proper disposal of materials and control of costs according to the quantities of materials actually disposed.

TraceNet does not require the use of any document in paper format or labels to print, thus making it possible to counter the falsification of transport manifests as well as reducing the amount of contact between individuals in this COVID-19 pandemic environment.


Available in a web platform as well as a native mobile app (iOS and Android), TraceNet is also the only technology that tracks the movement of materials in real time by GPS, from the site of origin to their final destination in an authorized receiving site.

Contact us to plan your first TraceNet project!

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